Clients – why exclusivity is in your best interests

In this current market, we all need to put our best foot forward. The ensuing chaos that can
result when hiring multiple recruiters for a position will not help in this climate. We all need to
be slick, professional and timely.

We have highlighted some of the reasons why exclusivity is in your best interests:

The tendency is to think people perform better with competition biting at their ankles.
In fact what happens in reality is that everyone has a quick burst of action and then
efforts wane. It is much better to know you are working with a client as a partner in
filling a position.

The emphasis is on quality of candidate and not quantity.
Candidates can become suspicious of jobs which are presented by many recruitment
companies at one time. The role can become devalued.

Confidentiality is maintained.
Working exclusively with a client means the recruiter can get a true feel for the role
being filled. The better the understanding the better the match.

Contracts and paperwork are kept to a minimum.
Multiple recruiters mean multiple contracts and multiple briefings.

Exclusivity means the recruiter will bring all their experience and networks into the search, not just a quick data-base scan in the hope of winning the ‘race’.

Screening of candidates is thorough, saving the clients time. Skills, attitude and experience are assessed, not just a quick scan to see they match the job being filled.