Market Shortage

Market Shortage of Qualified candidates

We would all be fools if we ignored the fact that there is a market shortage of qualified candidates.
Bought about by a turnaround in the economy suddenly consuming many of the top-notch candidates in the marketplace

The way to tackle this is to be prepared, not to assume everything remains the same and understand that it currently is NOT a buyers’ market.

Companies need to be on top of their game, making sure:

1)    Your internal recruitment processes are in order, to ensure the smooth passage of candidates
2)    Sell yourselves, put together an exciting interview process and have all information to hand.
3)    Spend time on remuneration / benefits packages. Have you considered relocation allowance?
4)    Pick your short-list carefully – remember you may not get your first choice of candidate

We at Manufacturing Matters are dedicate to working together with our clients, to ensure that you have the best candidates available for your position and with your help during the recruitment process, we can conquer the current situation.