The Steps In Our Recruitment Process

What are the targets (candidates) motives?

  • Unless we can establish this, the recruitment process will most likely come apart

Where will we find the target?

  • Is the target making himself available in the open market or are they passive in their search for new roles?
  • Will we find the target by looking at our clients competitors?
  • What method of communication is best used to communicate with the target?

What is the targets job search process?

  • Understanding where the target is looking - adverts, LinkedIn, word of mouth etc.

What are the targets interest levels in this role, what will make them accept the vacancy?

  • Does the clients job vacancy address the candidates needs?

Providing all the information once the target has been approached

  • Its is critical that all the information is provided by the client as this in the one opportunity we have to secure the target. Information required would include the following
  • Full job specification
  • Salary / Benefits package
  • Company culture
  • Business ethos
  • Progression opportunities within the business
  • Business success stories

Interview preparation

  • What is the interview format?
  • What are the companies expectations?

Providing the offer

  • Offer required ASAP to retain the targets interest
  • A written offer is a sign of intent and better method then delivering verbal offers

The post 'offer' conversation

  • Are they truly happy with the offer? Have all the expectations been met? Where are the negatives in the offer made? - it is essential all negatives are tackled

On boarding process

  • Eliminate all doubts or second thoughts the candidate will have

Do we have a happy client and candidate?

  • YES